Posted September 14, 2017

The competitive among our fans have been asking when we’d be hosting another adrenaline-drenched laser tag tournament. Well, ask and you shall receive. The day of our next tournament is no longer a mystery, but the game we’re playing will be! We’re happy to announce our next big competitive event ¬†will be a Mystery Tournament on October 8, 2017 starting at 6PM. We’re hoping to have a brand new game ready for our tournament players, but even if it isn’t our backup plan is something very new and exciting for tournament play, too. We know you’ll have a blast!

You’ll need 4 players per team. Cost is just $20 per player or FREE if you’re a Member. We’re also ordering pizzas and will have drinks available after the tournament for $8 per player.

Get your heart pumping by catching some of our previous tournaments on our YouTube channel. You can watch our Sabotage Highlights, our Search and Destroy Tournament, or learn to rob a bank with our previous Heist Tournament.

Book your spot online or call us at 815.806.2020 to register your team.


Our mystery tournament isn’t all we have in store for October 8. After we’re full up on pizza anyone that wants to participate can join in an extra draft event we’ll be putting together. We’ll be splitting into about 4 teams and playing another smaller tournament format with remixed teams in order to give people the chance to play with others and compete. As with the Mystery Tournament we won’t be announcing the specific game ahead of time. This will be a long night of laser tag, and one of the best deals around. You can play both the Mystery Tournament and our Draft Event for just $20!

Book your spot now!