4 Year Anniversary - CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Frankfort Illinois

$20 Sessions Sept. 3-9

Posted August 19, 2018

We are about to mark our four year anniversary as a CMP Tactical Lazer Tag. We’re celebrating over four years of action in Frankfort, Illinois. Even though it’s our birthday, we decided we’d rather play Santa and give our fans the presents. Our first big present is that all sessions on Labor Day, September 3 and then the rest of the week September 5-9 are just $20 per player!

Book your spot this anniversary week now!


We’ve got three prize packages for you to win this anniversary week. One lucky grand prize winner will get 10 free session cards and a t-shirt! Second prize is a pack of 5 free session cards. Third prize is a set of 2 free session cards.

How do you enter? You can get one entry just by playing any session between September 3 and September 9. You can get another entry below. A third entry will be found on anniversary posts on our Facebook Page. Just comment when we post and you’ll be entered!


The CMP brand started in Milwaukee just over 8 years ago. First, it was called CMP Entertainment and specialized in paintball. In July 2010 CMP built its Milwaukee arena, “Urban Warfare” and ushered in a new era for the laser tag industry across the country. In 2011 StraTAGem laser tag opened in Frankfort, Illinois. It brought a similar style of modern day combat to laser tag in the southern suburbs of Chicago.

Over the years CMP and StraTAGem worked together and then at the end of August 2014 we combined forces officially. StraTAGem became CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Frankfort. We completely tore down the arena and rebuilt it from the ground up into something even bigger (and we think better) than Urban Warfare in Milwaukee. We call is Suburban Skirmish. It’s a massive arena that can hold over 60 players in one battle! Along with the new arena we introduced new games, new props, and new guns.

After 4 years as a CMP and nearly 6 years we’re still proud to call Frankfort our home. We’re proud to be locally owned, and we’re thankful for every single person that came out and had a blast over the years, whether you wanted a memorable night out with friends, were hoping to make a special celebration even more epic, or had your sights set on taking out your boss during a team building event. You’re why we do this day in and day out. We just can’t get enough of the smiles, high fives, and insane cheers that fill our arena.

Here’s to the next 4 years on the battlefield. We’ll see you out there!

Our first batch of laser tag guns!

Our first batch of guns!

StraTAGem Laser Missions Lobby

The lobby at StraTAGem.

StraTAGem Arena

A view of our arena from one of the second story windows of a base building.

StraTAGem Arena

A view down the middle of StraTAGem’s arena.

Original Laser Tag Bomb Prop

The first version of CMP’s bomb prop in use before StraTAGem even opened.

Laser Tag Bomb Prop

The CMP bomb prop version 2.0.

CMP Laser Tag Arena Before

The old StraTAGem arena is torn down to rebuild just over 3 years ago.

Our New Arena

Suburban Skirmish is born at CMP Tactical Lazer Tag Frankfort!