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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there age restrictions?

Most of our open play sessions are age 8 and up. 11:15AM sessions on Saturdays and Sundays are designated as ‘family sessions’ and so they are age 6 and up. We find this is the right age to start to grasp the complexity of our games and more importantly hold our equipment. Our 11:15PM session Fridays and 9:45PM & 11:30PM sessions on Saturdays are age 17+ only.

What should I wear?

We recommend something comfortable. While you can’t run in our arena, you will move around a lot. We don’t use black lights so you won’t have to worry about wearing all black or anything like that. We recommend tennis shoes if possible, but others have played in sandals before. High heals are probably not a good idea. Unfortunately our arena is not air conditioned, as it’s very expensive for a small business like ourselves. We’re working on it, though. In the meantime, definitely dress lightly during the summer months!  

Do I need a group to play? 

Nope! You can come in with a group, but you can also come in alone or in pairs. Just join one of our open play sessions and you’ll play with anyone else in for that session time!

What is a ‘public open play’ session?

Everything we do is split into hour and a half blocks we call sessions. They include your briefing, gearing, and then about 5-8 missions during that time. Sessions work a bit like a movie play time. You can find session start times on our hours page or inquire by calling us at 815-806-2020. Find a session you would like to play in, make a reservation online or by calling, and then get in just beforehand.  You’ll then be playing with anyone else that showed up for that session time. It could be anywhere from 4 to up to 60 people! If friends or family sign up separately but for the same time then don’t worry, you will be playing the same session. We don’t have groups waiting to play or anything like that.

Do I need  to reserve ahead of time or can I walk in and play?

You do not absolutely have to make a reservation in order to play. We will accept walk-ins as long as there’s room in the session you want to join. That said, sessions do fill up or are locked out by large groups from time to time, so we definitely recommend making a reservation if you can. It’s the only way to guarantee your spot. You can reserve by calling us at 815.806.2020 or booking online. Unlike a restaurant where you might only wait 15-20 minutes for a spot if a session is full you might have to wait over an hour and a half to the next one. If you can’t make a reservation and have a decent drive in we definitely suggest at least giving us a call at 815.806.2020 to see if the session you’re driving in for has room or not.

Will there be kids and adults together?

Public sessions can include any demographic age 8 and up all playing together. Our number one goal is for everyone to have fun, and to do that we split teams as fairly as possible. The easiest and best way to do this, we find, is to split all the larger groups in half, so you’re playing against some people from your group and with some from your group. Not only does this give some fun competitive opportunities within your group, it means that teams are evenly split. We would never have a team of 20 year olds against a team of 10 year olds, because we know that just wouldn’t work. On top of this we also even split anyone who’s more experienced or has come in a few times. Smaller groups of 2 or 3 may get to stay together. Overall, we do a great job creating an even team environment. We kept track of session scores for years and they came out incredibly close. On top of all that our mission based format keeps briefing to a minimum and incentivizes people to play with their team. We balance things knowing that some people will have fun just shooting and others will go full force toward an objective. Public open play is a massive part of what we do and it works very well. The reviews speak for themselves!

We’re new. Will we know what to do?

New players are perfectly welcome at CMP! Our games are balanced for new and veteran players alike. No matter your experience we know you’ll have an amazing time. Referees are with you the entire time. We start every session with a briefing that goes over how our equipment works. Then in the arena we explain how each and every mission works plus recap how they went afterwards. Referees are also a great resource if you need some helpful tips or direction during the games. Just find one of our yellow vests!

Is there anything extra to rent or buy in order to play?

Nope! Unlike paintball or airsoft we provide everything you need in order to have an amazing time. The lasers are free, so you don’t need to account for any more than the cost of your session.

Are food or drinks available? 

We have an assortment of soda, energy drinks, gatorades, and candies available in the front of our lobby. It’s kind of like movie theater concessions, but much less expensive. We currently don’t have any hot food available for walk in play, but if you book a party package we have pizza or full catering options through our partnership with Palermo’s here in Frankfort.

Can I bring my own food/drink?

At this time we don’t allow outside food or beverages to be brought in with a few exceptions. The first exception is for birthday cake or cupcakes.  You are more than welcome to bring those in as long as you’ve booked a 2 Star or 3 Star Party Package. You can also bring in water. We can also allow some exceptions for food allergies. Please contact us at 815-806-2020 if you have any questions.

What size events can you accommodate?

Our arena maxes out at about 70 players simultaneously, and we can fit more in the building. If your event has more than this we can work out a play schedule for different groups. Please email groupsales@cmptactical.com for more information.

How do I get one of the special weapons?

As you can see in our Armory Page, we have plenty of different guns here at CMP Tactical. Most players, however, will get our standard SMG. It’s the most new player friendly. It’s also reliable, maneuverable, and pretty preferable for a lot of our veterans. That’s why it takes up most of our fleet. We will put many other special guns into play in each of our sessions. We spread them evenly across the two teams and put out more depending on how large the session is. A maxed out session will get all of our special guns. We don’t have any pay to win schemes or anything like that. To get one of these you just have to volunteer when our referee asks your team. That’s it! If you have a special event happening like a birthday or you’re the bachelor then let our referees know ahead of time and we just might be able to get you something special for that day.

Can I book a private event?

While we encourage most groups to play in an open play session we can definitely accommodate those that want a private event. You have two options to have our arena all to yourself. You can book your event before or after hours. We could book a private event any time we don’t have a public session listed on our Hours Page.  Keep in mind the session would have to end before any of those start times. Your second option is to pay to lock-out what would normally be a public session. This requires payment for a specific number of players depending on the session time. Please contact groupsales@cmptactical.com for more information about the session you would like to lock-out for your group.

I still have questions!

Email us at frankfort@cmptactical.com with any other questions not covered and we’ll be happy to answer!

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